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Offre pour les Membres Privilégiés

  • Accéder à la totalité de notre catalogue
  • Bénéficier des conseils de nos experts dans tous les domaines
  • Totale confidentialité et sécurité

Le coût annuel d’adhésion à The Source est de 500 CHF

Le prix d’entrée pour acheter ou vendre un bien est de 500 000 CHF dans la catégorie Beaux-Arts, de 200 000 CHF dans la catégorie Voitures de Collection et de 50 000 CHF dans la catégorie Montres Emblématiques.

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Terms of use

Version in force with effect from 22 March 2023.

The purpose of these General Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "GTU") is to establish the framework for accessing and using The Source platform, available on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform" or "The Source"), operated by The Source World Connection GmbH. We kindly ask you to carefully read these terms.

1. Purpose

The company The Source World Connection GmbH (hereinafter The SWC), with its registered office located at Baarerstrasse 14, 6300 ZOUG, Switzerland, operates a Platform that brings together enthusiasts, collectors, or connoisseurs of exceptional objects and assets (such as works of art, iconic cars, watches, unique assets, etc.), allowing them to buy and sell directly between private individuals without any intermediaries other than The SWC.

Upon registering on our Platform and paying the annual subscription fee, you will become a member of The SWC private “club” with your personal account, subject to validation by our internal departments. As a member, hereinafter referred to as “Members” or “you,” you will gain access to the entire contents of the Platform.

By listing your exceptional asset on the Platform, you ensure maximum visibility while maintaining confidentiality and anonymity in your interactions with potential buyers and sellers. The SWC’s network provides its Members access to exceptional assets through its selection process, attracting a significant number of affluent clients located mainly in some twenty countries.

2. Role of The Source World Connection

The Platform connects Members (who have paid the annual subscription fee) who are potential buyers and sellers, enabling them to create and post listings for exceptional objects and assets that will appear in the Platform’s online catalogue. These listings of exceptional objects and assets can be viewed by other purchasing Members, allowing them to learn more about the assets and, if applicable, make direct offers to the selling Members who posted the listings on the Platform.

Before any listing is posted, The SWC’s research teams check the motives of buyers and sellers, as well as the traceability of the assets offered for sale. An introductory commission awarded by The SWC will, of course, be offered to the various intermediaries who have assisted us in identifying and contacting potential buyers and sellers.

If a formal interest is expressed, a seller and a buyer – having been put in contact thanks to The SWC – can proceed with the sale and acquisition of the asset selected from the Platform’s catalogue, directly between themselves, without any further involvement by The SWC. The objective of The SWC is solely to connect buyers and sellers with each other. Fees, contractually agreed upon beforehand by the parties and The SWC, representing a percentage of the transaction, will be invoiced by The SWC upon execution of the purchase/sale agreement between the Members of the Platform (see Clause 5.2).

You acknowledge that The SWC is not a party to the contracts entered into by Members.

For each transaction between a buyer and a seller, a percentage, determined by The SWC, will be deducted from The SWC’s fee. At the end of each year, an amount will be donated to a charity or shared among several charities selected by our “philanthropy” committee.

You acknowledge and agree that The SWC cannot guarantee the veracity or legality of the listings offered. As an introducer, The SWC does not provide any services concerning the contractual relations that may arise from the contacts it facilitates. The role of The SWC is limited to providing potential buyers and sellers who share a similar passion with access to the platform.

As an intermediary, The SWC cannot incur any liability in relation to a purchase or sale entered into between the Members, including, in particular, as a result of:

(i) incorrect information provided by a Member in a listing or by any other means concerning the asset offered and the accompanying documents provided, or his/her financial situation;

(ii) the cancellation or amendment of a listing on the Platform;

(iii) the conduct of its Members during, before, or after they are put in contact with each other.

3. Registering with the Platform and creating an account

3.1. Conditions for registering with the Platform

Use of the Platform is restricted to individuals aged 18 or over. It is strictly forbidden for minors to register on the Platform. By accessing, using, or registering on the Platform, you represent and warrant that you are over 18 years of age and have full legal capacity to exercise your civil rights.

3.2. Creating an account

The SWC enables Members of the private club to directly connect through the secure online Platform, where they can post listings of their exceptional objects and assets in a catalogue managed by Department Managers with expertise in their respective fields. This allows them to engage as buyers and sellers. However, users cannot access the catalogue of assets for sale, post a listing, express interest, or make offers for assets without first creating a user account and becoming a Member.

To use the Platform and become a Member of The SWC private “club” (hereinafter referred to as a “Member”), you must register on the Platform and pay the annual subscription fee (see Clause 5.1), which will result in the creation of your personal account.

To register on the Platform, you must have read and agreed to these GTU and the Data Protection Statement.

When creating your account, regardless of the chosen method, you agree to provide accurate, complete, and truthful information and to keep it updated through your profile registered on the Platform or by informing The SWC, ensuring its accuracy throughout your contractual relationship with the Platform.

Upon registration, you will be prompted to set a password for your account, which will be used for account verification. To safeguard the confidentiality of your account on our Platform, a new code will be sent to you via text message each time you log in, enhancing security. You will be solely responsible for the use of your account.

You agree not to create or use any other accounts besides the one originally created, whether under your own identity or that of a third party.

You have the right not to receive newsletters and advertising. To exercise this right, you can send an email to and inform us of your preferences.

Please refer to The SWC’s Data Protection Statement for any information regarding the processing of your personal data.

3.3. Verification

The SWC may, for the purposes of transparency, building confidence, or preventing and detecting fraud, implement a verification system for certain information you provide on your profile. The SWC may request additional information for these purposes at any time.

Any reference on the Platform or in the services to “verified” information or any similar term merely indicates that our internal identification department has successfully completed the verification process using analytical procedures and tools.

The SWC does not guarantee the truthfulness, reliability, validity, or comprehensiveness of the information published on the Platform.

4. Use of the Services

Before posting a listing, The SWC’s research teams will verify the motives of both buyers and sellers, as well as the traceability of the assets offered for sale.

If formal interest is expressed, a seller and a buyer – having been put in contact thanks to The SWC – can then proceed with the sale and acquisition of the asset selected from the Platform’s catalogue, directly between themselves, without any other involvement by The SWC, whose objective is to connect buyers and sellers.

As a Member, you will have the option to post listings for a period of 6 months for the sale of your assets by sending your request to the relevant head of department, who will guide you on the procedure to follow for obtaining certain documents and images of your asset to be posted on our Platform.

You acknowledge that you have sole responsibility for the contents of the listing that you request to be posted on the Platform. Therefore, you represent and warrant that all the information you provide to The SWC for the purpose of posting your listing on the platform is accurate, true, and complete.

Your listing will be posted on the Platform and will be visible to Members conducting searches on The SWC’s Platform for a period of 6 months. The SWC reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to decide not to post or to remove, at any given time, any listing that does not comply with these GTU or that it deems harmful to its image, the Platform, or the services.

5. Financial terms

Access to and registration with the Platform, as well as searching, consulting, and posting listings, are subject to the payment terms described below:

5.1. Annual subscription fee

An annual subscription fee of 2,000 Swiss francs (CHF) will be required upon registration. Upon payment, your personal account will be created, and you will become a full Member of The SWC private “club”.

5.2. The Source World Connection’s fees

Pursuant to a transaction completed through the Platform, or in general, any transaction between a buyer and a seller who have been put in contact by The SWC, The SWC will receive a fee as defined in separate contracts signed between The SWC and the buyer, and between The SWC and the seller. The allocation of The SWC’s fee between the buyer and the seller, along with the payment terms, will be specified in the contracts prior to each transaction.

You agree to use the Platform solely for the purpose of engaging in purchases and sales of exceptional objects and assets listed in The SWC’s catalogue, exclusively through The SWC as the intermediary.

5.3. Terms of payment

In order to use the platform and become a Member, the subscriber must pay the annual subscription fee of 2,000 Swiss francs (CHF) for the launch year – the subscription fee could evolve the following years – using the Stripe payment system.

The payment of this fee will be processed when applying to subscribe to the Platform using the membership form. Failure to pay the subscription fee will result in the inability to access the Platform.

Consequently, in the case of a membership application, and after formal acceptance of your subscription, The SWC will collect the full amount paid by the Member.

Payment of any subscription fee through the Platform will be processed using one of the authorized methods listed below.

The authorized means of payment are as follows:

  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

No approval will be given until the subscription fee has been paid in full. If there is any problem with the payment, if it is incomplete or if payment is not made for any reason whatsoever, the payment of the subscription fee is immediately cancelled and membership is not possible.

Approval of your application to become a Member is confirmed by an email sent to the applicant containing the invoice for payment of the subscription fee.

You are encouraged to check the inbox settings of your email address and, in particular, to ensure that the email confirming your approval has not been placed directly in the spam folder.

Approval of your application to become a Member is final. It is your responsibility to ensure that you choose the appropriate services for your needs and expectations.

You agree to reply promptly to any request from The SWC and, in general, from any relevant administrative or legal authority, including in particular with regard to the anti-money laundering regulations. You agree, in particular, to provide any necessary proof of address and/or identity upon request. You are responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided by you, other than in the event of an established failure by The SWC to collect, keep or protect such personal information.

If you fail to respond to these requests, The SWC may take any steps that it deems appropriate, including in particular the suspension or closure of your account.

6. Non-commercial and non-professional use by the Members of the services and the Platform

You agree to use the services offered by the Platform (hereinafter the ‘services’) and the Platform solely to be put in contact, in a non-professional and non-commercial capacity, with individuals who wish to buy or sell an asset via the Platform. The SWC also reserves the right to suspend your account or limit your access to the services in the event of a breach of these GTU Ethics Charter.

7. Policy concerning account renewal, cancellation and suspension, and termination

7.1. Renewal of subscription

In the first year following the Platform’s launch, memberships will not be automatically renewed. However, this policy is subject to change in the future. Membership could then be automatically renewed from one year to the next, unless it is terminated with a 3 months notice period. All rights are reserved concerning other events of termination provided for by these GTU.

7.2. Deletion of your account

Your subscription as a Member may be terminated at any time without payment of any fees and without the need to provide any justification. You simply need to send us a termination letter to the address provided at the end of these GTU.

However, The SWC will not refund all or part of your annual subscription once it has been paid online.

7.3. Measures taken by The Source World Connection

In the event of a suspected breach by you of these GTU, including your obligations as a Member, or in the event of improper conduct, The SWC reserves the right to take the following actions, notably to protect its security, image, and integrity, that of its Members or third parties, or for the purposes of fraud prevention or investigations:

(i) terminate your subscription as a Member, immediately and without notice; and/or

(ii) prevent the posting of any notice, listing, message, or content on the Platform, or remove the same; and/or

(iii) limit your access to and use of the Platform; and/or

(iv) suspend your account on a permanent or temporary basis.

If necessary, you will be notified of the implementation of such a measure to provide The SWC with an explanation. The SWC will decide, at its sole discretion, whether or not to withdraw the measures taken.

Excluded Members are not authorized to apply to subscribe to the Platform again without The SWC’s prior consent.

The measures implemented by The SWC will not result in any refund of your annual subscription, whether in whole or in part.

8. Conduct of Platform users and Members

8.1. Undertaking by all Platform users

You acknowledge that you have sole responsibility for complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and obligations related to your use of the Platform.

Furthermore, by using the Platform, you agree:

(i) not to provide The SWC (especially when creating or updating your account) or other Members with any false, misleading, inaccurate, or fraudulent information;

(ii) not to engage in any speech or behavior that goes against the aims of the Platform, infringes the rights of The SWC or any third party, or contravenes accepted standards of behavior;

(iii) not to violate The SWC’s rights or damage its image, including its intellectual property rights;

(iv) not to open multiple accounts on the Platform or open an account in the name of a third party;

(v) not to attempt to circumvent the Platform’s online referral system, including trying to provide another Member with your contact details to make a sale or purchase outside the Platform and avoid paying the introduction fee;

(vi) not to contact another Member, particularly through the Platform, for any reason other than to conduct a sale or purchase with the other Member who was introduced via The SWC; (vii) to comply with these GTU and the Privacy Policy.

8.2. Title and authority

A Member may only post listings to sell assets for which they have the capacity and authority to sell, and in respect of which they can provide the purchaser with full legal and beneficial title, free of any charges.

8.3. Prohibited assets

It is forbidden to post listings for assets or sell assets if the offer, sale, purchase, delivery, or use thereof is in breach of legal rules or contrary to accepted standards of good behavior.

8.4. Sale or purchase on behalf of a third party

If you have purchased or sold one or more assets on behalf of a third party, you confirm that you acted as an authorized agent of that third party and you guarantee that the said third party will comply with the provisions of this Clause and, in general, with these GTU. The SWC reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account, or limit your access to the Platform or the services, in the event of a breach by the third party on whose behalf you completed a sale or purchase.

9. Exclusivity clause

The fees are due in full to The SWC if the sale is concluded thanks to and/or in connection with and/or as a result of the activity of The SWC and/or the use of the Platform (including if the sale is concluded by a natural or legal person designated by the Member, or concluded by one of the relatives), and this even if the sale is concluded after the end of the contractual relationship with The SWC.

The SWC's fees are due in full as soon as a sale between a buyer and a seller is concluded during the contractual relationship between the Member and The SWC. The same applies if the sale is concluded after the end of the contractual relationship between the Member and The SWC.

Members connected by the Platform undertake not to circumvent the provisions of these GTU by concluding a sale without informing The SWC, in particular in order to avoid the payment of fees due to The SWC.

Should these conditions not be respected, the fees due to The SWC will remain payable in full, even if the sale is completed without its intervention.

Each Member undertakes not to disclose the name and contact details of any potential buyer/seller with whom he has been put in contact by The SWC.

10. Personal data

The SWC may need to collect and process some of your personal data in connection with your use of the Platform. By using the Platform and registering as a Member, you acknowledge and agree to the processing of your personal data by The SWC in accordance with applicable law and the provisions of the Data protection statement.

11. Intellectual property

11.1. Content published by The Source World Connection

Subject to any content provided by its Members, The SWC is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the service, the Platform, and its contents (including, in particular, the texts, images, drawings, logos, videos, sounds, data, and graphics).

The SWC grants you a non-exclusive, personal, and non-transferable license to use the Platform and the services for your own personal and private use, on a non-commercial basis, in accordance with the aims of the Platform and the services for the duration of your membership.

You agree not to use or operate the Platform, the services, or their contents in any other way without The SWC’s prior written consent. In particular, you agree not to:

(i) reproduce, modify, adapt, circulate, perform in public, or broadcast the Platform, the services, or their contents, unless expressly authorised by The SWC;

(ii) decompile or reverse engineer the Platform or the services;

(iii) extract or attempt to extract a substantial part of the Platform data, notably by using data mining robots or any other similar data collection tools.

11.2. Content published by you on the Platform

You grant The SWC an exclusive license to use the content you provide in connection with the listing of your asset on our Platform, such as the photographs and texts relating to your asset (hereinafter the “Content”). This license is granted free of charge, on a worldwide basis, for the entire duration of your contractual relationship with The SWC. It includes without limitation:

(i) the right to reproduce and circulate all or part of your Content on any digital recording medium, whether or not known at present, and notably on any server, or any other equivalent medium, in any format and by any process whether or not known at present;

(ii) the right to modify and adapt your Content, to translate it and to add sub-titles.

You represent and warrant to The SWC that the Content does not infringe any intellectual property rights, image rights or other third party rights, including in particular any rights to real or personal property, and that no past, present or future undertaking prevents The SWC from using the Content to the extent specified above. You agree to indemnify The SWC in full in respect of any damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable lawyers’ fees, arising out of any claims, proceedings, etc., in connection with any breach of, or failure to perform, your warranties or obligations under these GTU.

12. Amendments to the GTU

The SWC reserves the right to amend these GTU at any time and to publish the most recent version on the Platform. Any significant amendment will be communicated to the Member with reasonable notice before it takes effect. If the Member does not object to the validity of the amendment after receiving this notice, the amended GTU are deemed to have been agreed.

These GTU are drafted in both French and English. In the event of a conflict between the two versions, the French version shall prevail.

13. Choice of law – Jurisdiction

Any dispute relating to these GTU and a Member will be governed by Swiss law.

Unless otherwise provided by law, the forum shall be in Geneva, Switzerland.

14. Contact

If there is an issue you would like to bring to our attention, please write to

15. Legal notices

The platform is published by the company The Source World Connection.

Company name: The Source World Connection GmbH

Company form: Société à Responsabilité Limitée (S.A.R.L.) (private limited company)

Company identification number (IDE): CHE-459.245.813

Registered office: Baarerstrasse 14, 6300 ZUG, Switzerland

Director of publications: Olivier Pichot

Website and Applications Host: O2Switch, Chemin de Pardiaux, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France

Payment system provider: Stripe France, 10 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 PARIS 09, France

Electronic signature: DocuSign France, 9 Rue Maurice Mallet, 92130 ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX, France

Phone number : (+41) 41 561 33 99