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The Source Principles

  • ‘The Source’ is the brand name used by ‘The Source World Connection’, based in Geneva Switzerland.

    The Source is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers, collectors and enthusiasts of rare, unique and exceptional assets to those selling such items, outside of the normal marketplaces. Many of the assets on The Source, though not all, are not available to buy at auction and are generally ‘off-market’.

    Members – whether looking to buy or sell – pay an annual subscription to The Source and join an exclusive private club, which opens up dialogue and the opportunity to trade and purchase in exceptional assets, across the classes of: Fine Art, Iconic Classic Cars, Rare Timepieces, Character Properties and, occasionally, Atypical ‘one-of-a-kind’ Assets.

    All transactions are confidential and anonymous, and The Source facilitates legal representatives, such as lawyers, bankers and family officers, to act on behalf of individuals and to freely connect with other members without the need of intermediaries.

  • To become a Member of The Source requires an annual registration fee of 500 CHF (welcome offer). Members may be individuals in their own right, or legal entities, such as companies acting on their own behalf or representing a third party.

    Typically, Members will be collectors, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts of objets d’art. Members’ profiles are accurately noted, and confidential – they are not displayed in any way to other Members online.

    Member introductions are facilitated by The Source’s Heads of Departments, after agreement of both parties. In order to become a Member, you need to fill in the membership form on the website’s homepage and pay the annual subscription.

  • Our Heads of Department are available to accompany buyers and sellers at every stage of their sale or acquisition. They offer a range of bespoke services, including connecting with financing experts, professional photography, art restoration, vehicle registration, as well as storage and logistics solutions. Feel free to contact them for personalised assistance.

  • Members can leave The Source at any time, by informing us in writing. However, no part of the subscription fee will be refunded.

  • The Source reserves the right to terminate membership at any time if there has been a breach of the company’s ethical rules. In this case, Membership fees will not be refunded.

  • Due diligence is carried out on each application, which takes into account your geographic location. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.



  • Our team is available to meet our Members either in person if possible or via video conference.

  • In the first year following the platform’s launch, memberships will not be automatically renewed. However, this policy is subject to change in the future. If such changes occur, you will have the option to enable the automatic renewal during your subscription.

    Furthermore, you will receive an automated reminder one month before the renewal date. This reminder will grant you the choice to either cancel the automatic subscription renewal or proceed with renewing your subscription as intended.


Catalogue of Assets

  • Simply contact the relevant Head of Department at The Source, who will forward the request to the seller.

  • You can check the status of your listing or your request with the relevant Head of Department.

  • A listing can remain online for 6 months but this period may be extended under certain conditions and on an individual basis.

  • The Source can remove an asset from its site in the event of new information coming to light, following the initial authentication, that calls into question the initial verification, or in the event of a breach of the company’s ethical rules or of the terms of contract signed with SWC.



  • While the Source does not directly become involved in the legal transaction process, we are available to provide assistance and advice throughout the process initiated, up to its conclusion.

    The buyer and seller negotiate the price and the terms of the transaction independently. However, The Source’s Heads of Departments are available, if requested, to provide market insights.

    Either Party is free to terminate the negotiation/transaction procedure at any time, provided no legally binding contract has been signed.

  • When registering, payment is made by credit card or by bank transfer, in CHF, to The Source’s bank account.  An invoice and receipt of payment will be issued upon receipt of monies by The Source.


Compliance and Due Diligence

  • Our compliance department has in place a set of rigorous procedures and software analysis tools to identify and uncover any fraudulent activities. 

    Any Member suspecting fraud, scam, or any other kind of criminal activity is required to immediately inform the relevant Head of Department.

  • All assets, across the various classes, are verified in terms of traceability and provenance, with the Certificates of Authenticity for each asset. Due diligence on each item is conducted by our in-house Heads of Departments, and where necessary external experts.

    Any proposed assets that cannot be verified will be refused.

    If any Member suspects a fraud, scam or other similar scheme, they must notify The Source and the relevant Asset Expert, in order that we may investigate the claim.


Data Privacy

  • Your information is captured via online forms, and is stored and protected in a specific, secure database. For more details, please see our Data Protection Statement.

  • Please read our Data Protection Statement which explains what your personal data is used for.

  • Your personal information is stored on a secure server for as long as necessary to provide the service, subject to legal retention obligations. We keep your data for as long as necessary for processing purposes, subject to any statutory storage obligations.

    The Source may transfer personal data outside the European Union. In such cases, we ensure that an appropriate level of protection is guaranteed, notably by using standard data protection clauses.

  • In accordance with the regulations in force, you have the right to access your personal data and, if applicable, to request its modification, rectification or deletion. You can also object to the processing of your data or request that such processing is limited. If you have any questions regarding personal data, please send an e-mail to contact@thesourceworldconnection.com.

  • You can send a request to change these to contact@thesourceworldconnection.com.

  • Upon request to contact@thesourceworldconnection.com, we will delete all aspects of your personal data and information.

Please contact us for more details