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The Source is the world’s first online buyer-seller platform for exceptional, rare and off-market items to offer an exclusive membership to discerning individuals.

We are The Source for exceptional Fine Art, Iconic Classic Cars, Rare Timepieces, and occasional Atypical Assets. The exceptional items we present in these classes are often not available at auction or for sale on any other digital platform, or by other means.


The Source was created by Olivier Pichot. Olivier’s background is in law and psychology, and for over 25 years he has gained experience in the business world consulting for prestigious international clientele. His clients include CEOs of globally listed companies, directors of some of Europe’s largest private banks and equity partners at renowned corporate law firms, as well as luxury goods groups.

With a career built on expertise in human relations, Olivier’s natural empathy enabled him to create several private circles of influence. These form the basis of his network of contacts, including many personalities who come mainly, but not exclusively, from commercial realms.

A connoisseur of beauty, Olivier appreciates all forms of aesthetic expression. He is an aficionado of Baroque music, and other ventures include the launch, as a student, of a classical music radio shows. He is also an art enthusiast, favouring Impressionism and 19th century art, and is also an amateur collector of vintage sports cars.

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Olivier Pichot
Founder of The Source World Connection

Curating excellence isn’t just a passion, it’s our committment at The Source.”


About us

Unquestionable Ethics
We conduct transactions in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in the countries where we operate.

Accurate Listings
We take every possible measure to ensure that the assets listed are available for sale and we provide a detailed description.

Fair Dealings
The Source works to ensure that transactions are conducted fairly, transparently, and responsibly, without potential conflicts of interest. The involved parties are fully informed and consenting.

Client Privacy
The Source values the right to privacy and works to respect the confidentiality needs of its Members, whether in the presentation of the property for sale or in their identity.

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